Creatine myths and facts

creatineIf we take a closer look on the mind set of today’s common man, we can say that nowadays everyone wants something which is short term, cost effective, more useful and something which will create a bigger impact upon the others. We do not want to indulge ourselves in some activity which is long lasting and requires greater time to show off its results. For the very same reason, people have started taking creatine in their normal routines, without knowing what role they will play in their bodies? How does creatine affect the normal mechanism of the body? Some will say that it really helped me a lot during exercise as it gave me an instant energy. Other would say that its affects remain forever. Some will even say that it would lead to more muscular fatigue and body cramps. But we know that many of these are just misconceptions. It is common that people put forward their misconceptions etc if they don’t know about the exact role. So what are the actual facts regarding creatine?

Creatine as an energy booster:

Many people think that creatine is a steroid and is one of the best and most effective energy boosters, but it’s not true at all. Although it acts as an energy provider but it is more sort of an “energy store keeper”. It gives it when there is requirement for energy otherwise it doesn’t. When an activity is performed in rapid quick succession it aids by giving its phosphate group to the ADP to make ATP, which is the actual source of energy. Under resting conditions, the creatine is stored in the muscles and energy is not used. Even if supplements are taken, and no physical exertion would be performed, then this extra amount of creatine would continue to store in the muscles, unused and it would be sort of wasted.

Creatine and muscle fatigue:

best creatine supplementA common myth that prevails in our society is that creatine leads to muscle fatigue and cramps; but the actual picture is other way around. It doesn’t lead to fatigue rather it heals it. Research and statistics have proven that onset of fatigue and progression of fatigue is highly reduced when you take creatine supplements.

Creatine and muscle growth:

Creatine uses to enhance the power and mass of the muscles a lot. If you compare a body builder taking creatine supplements with the one who does the bodybuilding without taking any supplements, you can clearly make a comparison. Actually there are countless posts about benefits for bodybuilding – click here to see the interesting one. An obvious bigger muscle mass would be visible in the one who is taking it. But this gain in muscles mass is not life lasting. It would vanish once you stop taking creatine. Thus the weigh which would be gained due to increase in muscle mass would be sort of temporary and would come back to normal after stoppage of intake.

It is necessary to carry out a detail research study before starting any activity. It’s normal that every positive thing brings some confusions and myths along with itself, whether its creatine or some other thing; the best would be to dig deep and have a detail analysis before testing anything new.

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How massage tables may help you relieve pain

Massage tables are best for relieving pain

massage tableGone are the days when people used to just lye upon the floor to get relief from the muscular pains and stress. Now the trend has totally changed and instead of adopting simpler ways to do a thing, people have revolutionized and they like to prefer something new and more sophisticated techniques. Previously people used to take the massage by simply lying on the floor, and the spa would start working on his body but now it’s not like this. Nowadays people like to go to some well known and well recognized spas, working in some well known clinic or institute, and having these modern massage tables. Why is it so? Why we are shifting your lifestyle from a simpler to a more technical and artificial type? Well, the truth is that there are always some additional benefits with these newer techniques. Now you would say, how a massage table would help you to relieve pain much better than the traditional techniques; well let’s find out

Massage tables and pain management:

  • The bed surface of the massage table is usually made up of some spongy material. Tables with thicker foam which would provide more comfort to your body. Your body would press deep down into the foam substance and in this way even your deeper tissues would get some benefit from the pressure which is applied.
  • Table massage therapy helps in regularizing your blood pressure and circulation in a much better way as compare to those which follow traditional techniques. Your deeper muscle tissues get excess amount of blood circulation due to these tables and thus it gives you much better relief and comfort from pain. Increased circulation to the deeper tissues, help in better removal of the accumulated lactic acid from the tissues thus lessening your muscular aches.
  • Position of the body during the massage session is also of a prime importance. If your spa is massaging you in sitting position, then some parts of the body might not get fully relaxed, rather you may suffer from more aches in the form of back ache. But this doesn’t happen with table massage because here you lye completely upon the table with absolute comfort and relax. Not only this provides you physical relaxation but also you would get mentally relaxed as well. Your spa can now work more easily upon your all body muscles one by one.
  • Different types of best massage tables - example can be these days found in the market. There are electric ones; there are stationary ones, and then there are even portable massage tables which can be folded and can be easily taken from one place to other. It all depends upon your choice and your pocket money which one you want to buy for yourself. If you are struggling with choosing the right one then here is a useful resource that may help you.

Man should always try and buy what is best for him. He should use an equipment which gives maximum output and which fully serve your purpose. In that case you should always have your own personal massage table so that you can manage your joint pains and muscular spasms much better and easily. Make sure you know how to give a right massage with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

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Reasons You Should Be Drinking Protein Shakes

protein shakesGod has gifted the universe with variety of things from which one can get benefit; but still everyone has his own priorities, his own likings and his own preferences. People feel happy and satisfy whenever any of their wishes are accomplished. Among likings for different things, one of the foremost desires of the man has always been to eat healthy and different kind of foods. In this modern life of modernization, everyone wants to seem like some high profile celebrity or some icon. You may actually want to see a great guide that may be helpful in this topic made by Many people wants to have prominent muscular physique just like their movies stars, which is easily achievable by doing athletic exercise and drinking healthy supplements; one of the basic one among which is highly energetic protein shakes.  Proteins shakes have made the job easier for those, who want to achieve their prominent musculature at a very quick time.

Advantages of Drinking Protein Shakes:

Do you know how beneficial drinking protein shakes can be? Have you any idea what important functions can it perform in our bodies? Well, here are some of the reasons which would compel you to make it as a routine habit:

  • Protein shakes help in increasing the bulk muscle mass and preventing muscle loss. Muscle cells are lost during the routine wear and tear because of strenuous activity which needs to be replaced and build again.
  • Most people think that it’s the fats which help in strengthening and increasing the body muscles but it’s not true. Fats are composed of injurious fatty acids and oils that can only increase the overall weight of the body but not the bulk muscular mass which requires a protein source for its nourishment and growth.
  • Proteins shakes not only affect our body muscles, but it also helps in increasing the overall growth of the body, so it should always be taken by children in their growing ages to attain a better and somewhat awesome physique.
  • A common practice followed by most people who want to lose weight is that they totally switch to vegetarian diet which lacks in proteins usually. Adding protein shakes to the vegetarian diet can prevent the chances of suffering from protein deficiency. In this way, you can enjoy losing fats from the body and keep on strengthening your muscles.
  • A protein shake can be best utilized once it is taken before going to gym or one hour before going to bed. Not only it would help in your muscle growth but it would also help in healing the injured muscles. Besides muscular healing, it would also provide immunity to the body against certain diseases.
  • Natural foods are always the best energy sources. Instead of taking processed chemical protein shakes, one should try to prepare it by own from fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed drinks always contain injurious chemicals and toxic minerals which might lead to further problems in your body. So it would be better to prepare your own shakes at home.

When to Take Protein Shakes

You might be wondering “what would be the best time for protein shake to be taken” – see this ? Well, research studies have shown that such drinks have mostly proved more beneficial when they are taken before going to bed or pre workout. It is also recommended that it should always contain some kind of carbohydrate source which would give you more energy and help you in achieving better results.

No matter protein shakes have remarkably proved to be the best for athletes and wrestlers but it is always preferable to eat clean, whole foods in your routine, which would keep you away from the toxic effects of chemicals and preservatives these drinks are actually having.

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Creatine – before of after workout

creatine after workout

Creatine is the energy required by human organs at time to time. However, this comes from the proteins we eat daily like meat fish, salmon foods, seeds, eggs, fruits vegetables etc. But how to utilize this protein? Should we take it whenever we like? Are there any suitable ways through which we should have a ramification we dream for? Should it be limited for everyone or it is free for everyone for anytime and anywhere?

There are loads of things to remember regarding creatine intake people. This is because as it is the energy source that helps you maintains your daily living, there must be a very predefined equation set to your body for the sake of proper health without any diseases and obesity. One of the most important questions is regarding the time of protein, thus creatine intake. This is a very important part that most of the people who are taking it, don’t know. There are 2 phases here and its better to talks about it separately for proper utilization and convenience-

Before workout:

workouts require a lot of energy. Literally that asks for loads of protein intake, which will eventually provide the excess energy, required for it. But it will also affect body muscles during action after intake. At such time, workout wont be that beneficial as the result shall get tampered or hampered through the veins and muscles stretching’s.

After workouts:

in case of workouts, it’s better to take creatine after workouts. This is because, when the overall body has gone through the required heavy tasks, the muscles asks for a energy flow which human body cannot provide through oxidation of fats. But a creatine intake in that case can strikingly helps that issue without deteriorating your exercising effects. Basically, for people who are using to lose weight through protein intake, shall pursue taking it before the small workout for a proper result.

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